Detailed review of Singapore bridal videography services

I have received some emails asking me to give a more detailed review of the Singapore bridal videography services. Previously in my first blog post, I have touched and go briefly on the topic.

First, I have to clarify that while wedding videography and wedding cinematography may refer to different things in other countries, they are essentially the same thing in Singapore. In other countries, wedding videography refers to outdated videography methods which produces a plain video with normal story plot with normal video and audio quality. Wedding cinematography refers to advanced videography methods which produces a cinematic and more exciting video with a cinematic story plot with good video and audio quality. In Singapore, both wedding videography and cinematography refers to the advanced videography. There is no distinction between the two. Hence, you can rest your mind and simply look for wedding videography services in Singapore.

Like the wedding photography, the quality of wedding videos produced in Singapore is able to match the wedding videos produced in other countries. There are great wedding videographers in Singapore. It is easy to substantiate this claim. Apart from Grandeur Wedding Studio, you can easily find and review the portfolio of other wedding studios in Singapore. Simply go online (you can go to either Google or Youtube) to find fantastic wedding videos produced by wedding videographer in Singapore.

The price of wedding videography is also affordable. From my past research, I could find some Singapore bridal videography services package cost from as low as $900. Of course, price does give you an indication of the vendor’s quality. For $900, you can expect that it may be a of a lower standard in the Singapore market. Median prices are around $2,000 to $3,000. High-end bridal videography can reach $10,000 for a single video. Depending on your budget and expected quality, you will be able to find your choice of bridal videographer in Singapore. Of course, most people are satisfied with the average wedding videographers in Singapore who offer their services in the range of between $2,000 to $3,000.

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