Taking pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore

I had my pre-wedding photography in SG and it is with great pleasure that I am sharing my pleasant experience with you on my blog today.

It was a pleasant Wednesday afternoon when my fiance took leave from her company, and we went out to take our pre-wedding photo shoot (we opted for an outdoors shoot). Thankfully, everything was in our favor, and the weather was less humid that day (though it is still considered humid because after all this is at the equator – Singapore). Then the sky was clear and bluish so it was a fantastic day for my outdoor pre-wedding photography.

First of all, we met the pre-wedding photographer at Tanjong Pagar area because that’s in town and he lives rather near there too. We then took a chaffeured car to Marina Bay Sands. My then-fiance and current wife loves Marina Bay Sands when she first saw Singapore, and so we took our photographs at the top of MBS. It was a truly amazing experience, to take our wedding shoot right next to the famous infinity pool with the overarching horizon of the city of Singapore.

Then we went over to the other side of the expressway to Gardens by the Bay. Amazing place: just check it out below:

gardens by the bay in Singapore

We loved the scenery there and it looks just as beautiful as the image you see above (although the weather in Singapore can be sweltering hot for a pre-wedding photography session – especially with the suit and the bridal gown).

Our photographer was really professional, and we engaged a specialized make up artist as well, and the make up artist (Jaymie) was certainly very helpful in helping us look good and look like we were not perspiring with her magic tricks with the brush and make up items.

I think it was a truly pleasant experience, and although we only went for a 5 hour pre-wedding photography shot at these 4 places (after that we went to the Helix bridge at night and before that, Fullerton hotel), photographs looked tremendously great and we loved it. I would highly recommend Singapore as a place for both locals and foreigners to take their pre-wedding photography session at.

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