Finding A wedding photographer in Singapore

As an expat to Singapore, you would think that I would find it very difficult to find good photographers in Singapore for my wedding with my wife. However, it really is truly easy thanks to the Internet and thanks to how many bridal photographers actually have great looking and easily navigable websites. Finding wedding photographers in Singapore is actually a relative breeze compared to some countries or the past where it is difficult to find good photographers. The wedding photographer I engaged was

For something supposedly so difficult, it’s really easy and the following are the steps which I have taken to actually find my wedding photographer.

1 I didn’t have much connections in Singapore and so I resorted to the next best thing – the Internet. In fact, through the Internet, I found many bridal photographers and great wedding studios which I think I might not even know about if I were to ask around in real life! It’s that amazing. Most wedding photography studios in Singapore have their own website so I find looking for them really easy. I first Googled for them and then easily compiled a list of them onto my notebook. Then I checked out their portfolio on their website (if they don’t list their portfolio up front on their website I presume they have no confidence in the quality of their bridal photos so I dont’trust them) alongside my fiance.

Then I went to get quotes from all our favorite wedding photographers or bridal studios and then we checked out which ones fall within our budget. We generally reached around 3 of them by this stage already, so at this point in time, we then picked out our favorite one. However, here comes another issue that some of you are thinking in your minds, “How do I choose when all 3 photographers suit my budget and tastes?”

The answer is truly simple – if you also want cinematography, then pick the bridal company that does both. If you don’t, then go to social media or Google for the company’s name and see if you spot any particularly good or bad reviews of the company and note them down and make a prudent decision based on that. You do not want a bad photographer to spoil your wedding. To preserve the sanctity of your marriage and keep your memories beautiful, find a great bridal photographer in Singapore using the above methods by combining the portfolio with quotation and reviews. All these are super easy to perform if you want to search for a wedding photography experience in Singapore so there isn’t any excuse.

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