Detailed review of Singapore bridal videography services

I have received some emails asking me to give a more detailed review of the Singapore bridal videography services. Previously in my first blog post, I have touched and go briefly on the topic.

First, I have to clarify that while wedding videography and wedding cinematography may refer to different things in other countries, they are essentially the same thing in Singapore. In other countries, wedding videography refers to outdated videography methods which produces a plain video with normal story plot with normal video and audio quality. Wedding cinematography refers to advanced videography methods which produces a cinematic and more exciting video with a cinematic story plot with good video and audio quality. In Singapore, both wedding videography and cinematography refers to the advanced videography. There is no distinction between the two. Hence, you can rest your mind and simply look for wedding videography services in Singapore.

Like the wedding photography, the quality of wedding videos produced in Singapore is able to match the wedding videos produced in other countries. There are great wedding videographers in Singapore. It is easy to substantiate this claim. Apart from Grandeur Wedding Studio, you can easily find and review the portfolio of other wedding studios in Singapore. Simply go online (you can go to either Google or Youtube) to find fantastic wedding videos produced by wedding videographer in Singapore.

The price of wedding videography is also affordable. From my past research, I could find some Singapore bridal videography services package cost from as low as $900. Of course, price does give you an indication of the vendor’s quality. For $900, you can expect that it may be a of a lower standard in the Singapore market. Median prices are around $2,000 to $3,000. High-end bridal videography can reach $10,000 for a single video. Depending on your budget and expected quality, you will be able to find your choice of bridal videographer in Singapore. Of course, most people are satisfied with the average wedding videographers in Singapore who offer their services in the range of between $2,000 to $3,000.

My verdict on my wedding photography Singapore experience

As you can see from my earlier posts, I took my pre wedding photo shoot and my actual day photo shoot in Singapore. Apart from wedding photography Singapore, I also engaged wedding videographers to produce a cinematic wedding video for my spouse and I.

My verdict after been through the whole experience?

They are awesome.

Well, it kind of exceeded my initial expectations. As I thought that Arts is not a focus area that the government in promoting in Singapore, the quality of Arts in Singapore will be lower when compared to Arts produced in the other countries, especially in the Europe. I was gladly surprised. The quality of the wedding flush mount album and video is superb! Firstly, let’s talk about the flush mount album. I loved the details in there. The combination of the ability of the wedding photographers at Grandeur and physical printing technology resulted in my highly detailed and crisp picture. The resolutions of the photos are so good that I thought I’m looking straight into the softcopy on the computer screen. I loved how the wedding photographers are able to capture my spouse and my emotions and affections for each other in the photographs. Secondly, let’s talk about the wedding video. It is just a short 2 minutes clip of my love story with my spouse. However, it seems like 5 minutes to me when I was watching the video. I loved how the videographer build the atmosphere slowly and ended off with a climax at the end. It really touched our hearts.

For foreigners living in Singapore, there is always the question of whether you should take your wedding photography or even hold your wedding in Singapore. Our first concern will be the quality of the wedding services in Singapore. Next, perhaps convenience to our guests. I can act as a testimony to the wedding services standards in Singapore. If not, you can always check out the various wedding boutiques in Singapore to ascertain their quality for yourself. If majority of your guests is in Singapore or do not mind coming to Singapore to attend your wedding, I highly recommend holding your wedding in Singapore.

Actual Day Wedding Ceremony in Singapore

When I had my wedding ceremony, I hired an AD wedding photographer and videographer from Grandeur while I got a makeup artist from Cleo Chang for my wife.

I shall now narrate the actual day wedding events as they unfolded in the past.

  • In the morning of the wedding day, we had an intimate morning tea party at my place at Bukit Timah, Singapore where we invited several close expatriate friends over as well as some local Singapore colleagues from my banking workplace. Apparently they told me this is not the usual practice for Chinese whereby the guy will then need to pick up the girl from her parent’s house e.t.c. But anyway, we shared jokes and laughter with close family and friends. This was a more casual event and so Cleo Chang only put on lighter makeup for my wife and in the meantime my AD photographer and videographer from Grandeur was already there filming everything that was happening.
  • I have to say that the makeup artist (MUA) from Cleo Chang was very professional and look at how pretty my wife’s hair was! I absolutely love wedding hair stylethe way she did the makeup for my wife. She also did put foundation on my face and styled my hair – it was pretty cool, never had a MUA perform on me before.
  • After the morning tea party, the bridesmaids were helping us out with decorations at Sentosa Siloso beach resort which we had rented for the day for our wedding ceremony. Meantime, the best men were helping out with the logistics and me included.
  • Finally, it was time for the ceremony. I was waiting on the stage while the AD photographer and videographer from Grandeur Wedding were next to me and taking photos and films of both the stage and the audience while waiting for my lovely wife to walk in with her dad.
  • The wedding music played and she finally walked in with her dad and boy, I was amazed by her complete beauty. Needless to say, I was dazzled and in love all over again with her. She was smiling excitedly and shyly at the same time too.
  • Eventually, she reached the stage, we exchanged our vows and we were finally wed as an official couple 🙂 🙂

Taking pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore

I had my pre-wedding photography in SG and it is with great pleasure that I am sharing my pleasant experience with you on my blog today.

It was a pleasant Wednesday afternoon when my fiance took leave from her company, and we went out to take our pre-wedding photo shoot (we opted for an outdoors shoot). Thankfully, everything was in our favor, and the weather was less humid that day (though it is still considered humid because after all this is at the equator – Singapore). Then the sky was clear and bluish so it was a fantastic day for my outdoor pre-wedding photography.

First of all, we met the pre-wedding photographer at Tanjong Pagar area because that’s in town and he lives rather near there too. We then took a chaffeured car to Marina Bay Sands. My then-fiance and current wife loves Marina Bay Sands when she first saw Singapore, and so we took our photographs at the top of MBS. It was a truly amazing experience, to take our wedding shoot right next to the famous infinity pool with the overarching horizon of the city of Singapore.

Then we went over to the other side of the expressway to Gardens by the Bay. Amazing place: just check it out below:

gardens by the bay in Singapore

We loved the scenery there and it looks just as beautiful as the image you see above (although the weather in Singapore can be sweltering hot for a pre-wedding photography session – especially with the suit and the bridal gown).

Our photographer was really professional, and we engaged a specialized make up artist as well, and the make up artist (Jaymie) was certainly very helpful in helping us look good and look like we were not perspiring with her magic tricks with the brush and make up items.

I think it was a truly pleasant experience, and although we only went for a 5 hour pre-wedding photography shot at these 4 places (after that we went to the Helix bridge at night and before that, Fullerton hotel), photographs looked tremendously great and we loved it. I would highly recommend Singapore as a place for both locals and foreigners to take their pre-wedding photography session at.

Finding A wedding photographer in Singapore

As an expat to Singapore, you would think that I would find it very difficult to find good photographers in Singapore for my wedding with my wife. However, it really is truly easy thanks to the Internet and thanks to how many bridal photographers actually have great looking and easily navigable websites. Finding wedding photographers in Singapore is actually a relative breeze compared to some countries or the past where it is difficult to find good photographers. The wedding photographer I engaged was

For something supposedly so difficult, it’s really easy and the following are the steps which I have taken to actually find my wedding photographer.

1 I didn’t have much connections in Singapore and so I resorted to the next best thing – the Internet. In fact, through the Internet, I found many bridal photographers and great wedding studios which I think I might not even know about if I were to ask around in real life! It’s that amazing. Most wedding photography studios in Singapore have their own website so I find looking for them really easy. I first Googled for them and then easily compiled a list of them onto my notebook. Then I checked out their portfolio on their website (if they don’t list their portfolio up front on their website I presume they have no confidence in the quality of their bridal photos so I dont’trust them) alongside my fiance.

Then I went to get quotes from all our favorite wedding photographers or bridal studios and then we checked out which ones fall within our budget. We generally reached around 3 of them by this stage already, so at this point in time, we then picked out our favorite one. However, here comes another issue that some of you are thinking in your minds, “How do I choose when all 3 photographers suit my budget and tastes?”

The answer is truly simple – if you also want cinematography, then pick the bridal company that does both. If you don’t, then go to social media or Google for the company’s name and see if you spot any particularly good or bad reviews of the company and note them down and make a prudent decision based on that. You do not want a bad photographer to spoil your wedding. To preserve the sanctity of your marriage and keep your memories beautiful, find a great bridal photographer in Singapore using the above methods by combining the portfolio with quotation and reviews. All these are super easy to perform if you want to search for a wedding photography experience in Singapore so there isn’t any excuse.

My wife’s wedding dress

Hello everyone, what is up, this is Adam once again.

I’m going to share more about photography on this blog, but for now, let me share a little bit about my wife’s bridal dress she wore for our wedding day because she’s so excited about sharing it with the world.

Here’s a picture I took of her when we were in the dressing room or rather wedding gown place.

wedding dress 1

I think she looks wonderful (ok she’s my wife, obviously I think she looks wonderful). But anyway, we particularly loved how the dress looks elegant yet simple at the same type. If you are in the market and looking for bridal dresses, you probably have noticed some dresses and gowns are truly frilly and we don’t like that. It’s just our taste. But anyway, as you can see, the gown looks simple without frills and isn’t even particularly long as well (which would have helped my wife in walking down the aisle in the past). Another thing about this wedding gown which I find particular appealing is that it shows off her body shape in just the right way. She looks amazing without being ‘overkill’ in terms of revealing her body shape and thus she and I both love the wedding dress because it makes her look alluring and sexy without ever going overboard.

Here’s another selfie.

wedding dress 2 selfie

Haha, you can tell that I forced her to take the picture again because she wanted to change out of it and purchase it already. But also noticed that the wedding dress clings on tightly and doesn’t ‘detach’ from the body despite her arms being in the above position. I like how that it’s ‘sticky’ to her body shape and so it gives her the freedom to move about freely (her arms), as well as her legs (because it’s not a particularly long train wedding gown).

Once again, we got ours from Grandeur bridal dresses and we would recommend you to check them out (the link before) and their wedding gown assistant would be able to help you out. Cheerios, Adam.

My virgin wedding cinematography experience

I’m Adam, an Australian banking expat living in Singapore. I have been living in Singapore for the past 5 years, when my bank relocated me to Singapore. My family moved along with me, and so far we have been enjoying our stay here. Singapore is a great place – great food, great security and stability, and great facilities. The only downside is the humid weather which causes me to sweat frequently.

I’m an Arts person who likes to go to museums and arts galleries all over the world. Singapore has some pretty good arts museums such as the Singapore Arts Museum. I’m quite updated with the latest developments in Arts. What caught me off-guard is this new concept of wedding cinematography. Cinematic films displayed at the movies are no strangers to anyone. However, I first heard of it 6 months ago during a conversation with a fellow colleague who was getting married then.

Wedding cinematography is an enhancement to wedding videography – the quality improves in all aspects, be it in video or audio. When I first saw a wedding cinematic film, I was very impressed. It’s like shooting your own personal movie, with your spouse. It’s unbelievable. Instantly, the thought of making a cinematic wedding film with my wife emerged. I find wedding cinematography a great service as it seeks to document and showcase one of the most sacred event in our lives – wedding.

With the recommendation of my fellow colleague, I approached Grandeur Wedding Studio which he claims provides one of the best wedding cinematography services in Singapore. Indeed, the whole experience was very enriching! We had fun during the movie shoot and the intimate moments between me and my spouse during the shoot ignited some sparks between us. Our wedding cinematic film produced met my own expectations. My wife loved it too.

I will recommend everyone to get this wedding cinematography as part of your wedding photography package. Not only will it be cheaper, I’m sure you will love it! TO me, it’s a special product of my marriage life with my wife.

I have set up this blog aimed at expats living in Singapore like myself, just to showcase interesting wedding photography, videography, or cinematography stories of some of our peers here living in Singapore. If you have got any interesting stories to share, feel free to email it to me via I will post them up in this blog for you.